When Was the Last Time You Had Your Furniture Cleaned?

If you can’t remember the last time you had your furniture cleaned, it’s been too long. You might notice that your favorite chair is looking a little weathered and smelling less than fresh. Furniture is an important part of our homes and should be treated as such.

Quality furniture is an investment. And the best way to protect your investment and keep it looking its best is by having it cleaned regularly. An experienced and knowledgeable company can clean your furniture safely and effectively and advise you on how often to have it cleaned, based on its type and usage.

What’s more, cleaning soft surfaces like cloth and leather regularly is vital for both the longevity of the piece and your health. Toxins and pollutants can build up on these surfaces over time, causing the fabric to degrade quicker and can potentially harm your health. By removing these contaminants regularly, you can help keep both your furniture and yourself in the best shape.

Throwaway furniture is one of the biggest contributors to landfills. But when you regularly maintain your quality furniture, you’re increasing its longevity and doing your part to reduce environmental waste. And doesn’t it feel good to know that by taking care of your belongings, you’re also taking care of the environment?!

So, next time you’re looking at your dingy sectional, don’t just think about how much of an eyesore it is. Instead, consider all the reasons why you should reach out to Rugsies—for your own health and wellbeing and for the environment. Your furniture will thank you for it!