Exactly Why You Should Be Doing Regular Carpet Cleaning

Ahhhh, the feeling of plush carpeting between our toes. According the a national survey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 92% of homes have a carpet or rug in at least one room. But besides popularity among American homeowners, carpets can attract an array of other things, many of which you don’t want as a house guest. The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) reports that carpets can accumulate 5-25 grams of dust and dirt per square meter of surface area, significantly more than hard flooring options. This can take a toll on those sensitive to allergens and with asthma. Furthermore, within this debris are flakes of human skin, the main food source for dust mites. Once they take residence in your carpets, dust mites are difficult to remove. Moisture and humidity can bring on additional pests, such as mold and fungi. The good news is that, according to NCHH, research has shown that airborne dust levels can actually be lower in carpeted rooms than in non-carpeted rooms due to their ability to hold particles as they settle from the air. However, this was true in scenarios where the flooring was maintained with a consistent cleaning schedule. NCHH goes onto report the importance of intensive carpet cleaning, for it can result in a 50% reduction in airborne fine particles. Vacuuming is a must, but supplemental cleanings can also make a huge difference. Enter South Florida’s top home cleaner, Rugsies, where we employ an advanced HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System. We pre-vacuum to capture loose particles before getting into the nitty gritty, using Green Seal Certified solutions in combination with organic HOST® extractor sponges to lift and remove dirt. The process uses minimal liquid, so fibers dry almost immediately to avoid any mildew build-up or dirt re-attraction that would defeat the whole purpose of a good cleaning. All Rugsies carpet cleaning services are environmentally-friendly, meaning they are also safe for your family, including children and pets. Now, that carpet under your feet is really starting to feel good. Rugsies Tip: To ensure the cleanest environment possible, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 6 – 12 months, supplemented with regular vacuuming (vacuums with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are preferred according to NCHH).

Are Your Windows Sporting Hunter Douglas®? Rugsies is Your Preferred Cleaner.

When it comes to dressing your windows, Hunter Douglas® is the Armani of window treatments… they are sleek, high-quality, and technology- and fashion-forward. You could say that Rugsies knows a thing or two about these specialty treatments as a preferred cleaning company for all Hunter Douglas® products. Our designation is flattering, but hard-earned. Our cleaning experts are highly trained in the latest processes and technology. They specialize in treating Hunter Douglas® collections Silhouette®, Luminette®, Duette®, Vignette®, Pirouette®, Skyline®, The Alustra®, and all other shades, sheers, and blinds within the brand. Rugsies is not only recommended, but convenient too. Our technicians come directly to your home, where they inspect your treatments before starting the cleaning process. Every piece is treated by hand, helping to prevent fabric breakdown associated with machine methods. Treatment concludes with gentle, enzyme-based odor remover for added freshness. The best part about choosing Rugsies to care for your window treatments? The entire eco-friendly cleaning process is performed right where they hang. That’s right – no takedown or reinstallation required… all you have to do is open your door when we come knocking. We’re so confident in our skills as South Florida’s top window treatment cleaner that we guarantee no shrinkage, damage or loss of sizing, or resins…Perhaps we could say that we’re the Armani of window treatment cleaners too. Contact us for a complimentary quote! Rugsies Tip: To ensure your Hunter Douglas® treatments best maintain their look and feel, we recommend a good cleaning every one – two years.

Oh, The Places We’ll Clean

“You’ll be on our way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to great heights.” ~ Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Nearly everyone has enjoyed this great book at some transformative period in their life. We at Rugsies identify very much with Dr. Seuss’s words about the new experiences to be encountered, the challenges to be overcome, the successes to be won… all expressed via a whimsical and warm-hearted spirit. The Rugsies journey to become South Florida’s best home cleaning service has been great. For more than twelve years, we’ve worked to forge our path and expand our capabilities to make a difference in residential and commercial spaces. We started with rug and carpet cleaning and only looked up from there… Let’s start from top to bottom, shall we? Air Duct Cleaning We use Rotobrush aiR+ equipment to scrub walls of settled dust, spores, and particles to remove them. Regular air duct maintenance can improve air circulation and heating and cooling system efficiency, as well as bring peace of mind as you take a deep breath and enjoy your newly cleaned home. Drapery & Window Treatment Cleaning From luxurious curtains to sleek valences, structured blinds to draped swags and balloons, delicate sheers to heavy blackouts, we treat all kinds of window treatment styles right from where they hang. Our green solutions also guarantee fabrics remain as fresh and gentle as the environment your window views look out to. In fact, our results are so proven that we’ve been deemed a preferred cleaner for the Hunter Douglas luxury brand. Upholstery Cleaning Rugsies works to clean every fabric surface we touch, including sofas, chairs, mattresses, pool tables, lampshades, and any other upholstered furniture you can think of. Services include deep cleaning, stain removal, and fabric protection via eco-friendly processes that ensure minimal dry time and maximum green protection and safety. Rug & Carpet Cleaning As our namesake service, we have vast depth and breath when it comes to area rugs and wall to wall carpeting. We enlist our non-toxic Host Dry Extraction process, which simultaneously dissolves and absorbs soil. The result is clean, near instantaneous dry surfaces that are safe for you, children, and pets. Have a specialty rug?… Our hand-cleaning services are ideal for handmade, Persian, Oriental, silk, or otherwise delicate pieces. Tile & Grout Cleaning To keep us even more grounded, we most recently added tile and grout cleaning. Our equipment scrubs and polishes to create the ultimate foundation for a clean and happy home. As alluded above, all Rugsies services and solutions used are environmentally-friendly, require no take down or rearranging, and ensure the quickest dry time for the utmost convenience for our clients and their families. “So…get on your way!” Contact us today! Complimentary quotes are available at our newly updated website, www.rugsies.com. Our customer service representatives are also at-the-ready to assist via 305-867-3279 and info@rugsies.com.