Window Treatments

When we said we can handle all your cleaning needs from the ground up, we meant it… right up to the ceiling. Our window treatment cleaning services is ideal for all your vertical adornments, but what’s really great is that our process allows us to clean them right from where they hang. That means no bulky takedown and re-installment or sending them away; your view will always remain intact. The minimal disruption also ensures your drapes, balloons, valences, swags, blinds, sheers, blackouts, and even the most intricate structures best maintain their form.

Some other perks for your panes…We use only eco-friendly solvents, including PERC-free DF-2000™ hydrocarbon fluid or you can opt for ultra-friendly GreenEarth®, a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic pure liquid silicone agent. Once released, the silicone reverts back to its natural state of sand, water, and carbon dioxide. Each are dispersed via a simultaneous injection/extraction technology to expedite dry time.

We guarantee no shrinkage, damage, nor loss of sizing or resins – just the satisfaction of freshness served with a smile.

Your home will love us®