Carpet Cleaning

A feeling of warmth is a good sign that a home is happily and well lived in… Unfortunately, so are dirty carpets. At Rugsies, we use the eco-friendly HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System that keeps your walking surfaces soft and clean, wall to wall.

After a pre-vacuuming, Green Seal Certified cleaning products are applied to the fibers, working together with organic HOST extractorSPONGES® in a chemical and mechanical action to lift and remove dirt. The process requires minimal liquid use, keeping the back of your rug pads safe from trickling mud build-up and subsequent mildew. HOST cleaning doesn’t leave those sticky residues that can lead to rapid resoling, just a fresh surface safe for you, your children, and your pets. Yet, the best part about the dry extraction system is that surfaces are nearly dry right away and ready for re-enjoying the moment we press the “off” button.

Your home will love us®