Commercial Cleaning

There’s no rug too wide, no drapery too high, no sectional too long… you get the point. Rugsies’ offerings extend into the commercial realm as well. Not only can we clean large scale pieces and spaces, but our processes ensure maximum convenience and minimal disruption to the resident, guest, and employee experience. Avoid take down or rearrangement that adds not only manual labor, but conspicuous gaps in the design scheme; everything can be cleaned from right where it resides. Dual injection extraction and dry cleaning processes help to ensure pieces are dry and back in service nearly right away, while use of only green cleaning agents are safe for the environment and the people within.

Can it get any easier? Yes. Inquire about our scheduled maintenance plans, ideal for condominium communities, hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, arenas and theaters, and all other highly trafficked spaces.

* Commercial services does not include air duct cleaning

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