Furniture Cleaning

We encourage our clients to sit back and relax while we do all the hard work, so we clean these surfaces too. Sofas, chairs, chaises, ottomans, pool tables, and even lampshades, if it’s upholstered, we can clean it. Our machinery conquers both wet and dry cleaning modes, allowing us to effectively and safely clean even the most sensitive fabrics, including silks and Haitian cotton. With a switch of the built-in temperature adjustable heater, we can also thoroughly clean mattresses, outdoor furniture, and other pieces that necessitate high heat.

The injection extraction process combined with gentle pressure applies no more fluid than needed, meaning furniture is dry and swoon-ready in minimal time. Eco-friendly dry cleaning options include PERC-free DF-2000™ hydrocarbon solvents or the newly introduced GreenEarth®, a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic pure liquid silicone agent. Once released, the silicone reverts back to its natural state of sand, water, and carbon dioxide, making it among the top options proven safe for the environment, including you and your home.

Furthermore, our technicians are machinery are flexible enough to maneuver around your pieces right from where they reside, so no heavy lifting or moving around required. Told you that we’ve always got your back.

Your home will love us®