Area Rug Cleaning

Antique Orientals and Persians, plush shags, modern weaves… Rugsies, specializes in area rugs of all styles and sizes. Really, our cleaning history includes them by the thousands.

Maintaining area rugs can be tedious, but that doesn’t mean you have to know that. Our valets come to your home to assess needs and provide a complimentary quote. Once approved, we take it back with us to our facility for a little R&R (Review & Restoration, that is).

Once the best cleaning approach for your particular rug determined, our knowledgable technicians pretreat, clean, and finish entirely by hand, all with environmentally-friendly solvents that are safe for kids and pets. The final result is not only fresh in looks, but also guarantees complete odor removal or we gladly clean it again for free.

Our valet then returns to your home, ready to roll back out the red (or green, or yellow, or blue) carpet for you and your family. It’s real VIP service, every step of the way.

Your home will love us®